There are dozens of Indonesian local hosting companies available today. When we google “Hosting Indonesia” you will be overwhelmed by choices of hosting that is available on Google first page. For a non-savvy average user, we understand this can be very much overwhelming. We have tried almost all of the local Indonesian hosting services and yet we still recommend Niagahoster as our choice of hosting, here’s why:

We wrote this article based on our experiences of handling our clients problems particularly in hosting department. -Ed

It Offers Unlimited Space, Bandwidth and Email Accounts

This is the major advantages that make Niagahoster attractive, the space that you are paying for is unlimited. But you may ask

“Why I need unlimited? My website is simple it shouldn’t take that much space isn’t?”.

To answer that argument, yes that’s true but did you know that limited space is shared with your custom domain email addresses? For argument sake, say you are renting a 1 GB storage

Say you are a 3 person company running a small consultancy business, you have a website of, and you are using about 100 MB (that’s a fair size of a website) for the website. That means your, and are left with 900 MB divided among them (300 MB each). That’s pretty small. Unless you can monitor all the email activity and clean any incoming junk emaill  (Trust me your time worth more than that), it is labor intensive to do so and unnecessary.

And on the downside, when your hosting account occupying at 80% of the available space, you will start to see a throttled performance in your website, this means your website may load slower. We have seen an eCommerce website is failing to load at checking out process caused by server timeout, God knows how many customers they are losing because of this.

Usually other hosting services will offer around 5 email accounts (give or take) for a budget plan of a hosting, using Niagahoster we will be able to setup our clients different emails for different purposes to help them filter out all of the incoming emails; such as | |, you get the idea.

It is Fast! They used a Singaporean Based Server

Minimalising server distance is the best way to achieve the fastest connection. Meaning, when a server physically located near to the user it requires less time for the information to travel. So, for example, you are running an eCommerce website targeting Indonesian and a bit of international market, you may be recommended with an Indonesian hosting service location to achieve fast loading website when it is being accessed with the Indonesian users.

However the drawback of having exclusive Indonesian hosting, connections from outside Indonesia may be significantly slowed down, the trick is we put the server in Singapore because Singapore has many direct connections to Australia, Japan and the United States. This makes hosting Singapore is ideal for those who want to get the best of both worlds, local and international connections to the website.

Internet Direct Connections Concentrated in Singapore

Taken from to show how many connections Singapore has

Quick response Customer Service 24/7

When you pick a hosting service, you need to pick the reliable one. The one that is able to respond to your inquiries whenever needed. You will never know when problems occurred on your website, downtime on a website may be costly for a business that relies on the income the website generated.

The customer service is the department where we make a lot of interactions with. Niagahoster has been proven to be 100% reliable and helpful in our experience, their customer service is well trained and they used a systematical ticketing system to ensure every single enquiries is being addressed.

Competitive Price and a Free Domain

Niagahoster will always give a promotion to the new user, heck their customer service was even kind enough to give a coupon code if you chat them directly. Whenever we are renewing their services we always check via the chat feature what coupon we can apply to get a discount for our renewal, and they always reply.

No running promotion? Don’t worry you can always use my affiliate coupon a-edwardaryana upon checkout

Instant Activation – Credit Card Payment

Some hosting service we worked with can take several days to be activated from the payment received. Some require us to manually send the “transfer receipt” for activating the host.

But Niagahoster accept all of the major payments including Mastercard and Visa. Using an electronic payment such as Mastercard and Visa will activate your hosting account instantly!*

*We heard some customers not being activated instantly, but it was always on a same-day activation

Affiliates Program

This is something that we never seen before and it is game changing, they are offering a generous 70% commission (before tax) to whoever use their referral program. So every purchase made by your referral you are entitled 70% of the amount they paid. We did not believe this at first, but they are legit. We have been getting a couple of millions by just referring Niagahoster. So you will be able to build a small passive income.

But the referee need to be in their service minimal 30 days and you will need 2 referrals by minimum for them to transfer you the money.

Proof of Payment | Bukti Transfer Niagahoster

SSL Compatible

You will be surprised how many budget hosting did not have SSL service in their cPanel settings. Your website may not need an SSL encryption service, but it surely bring benefit to your website.

Google will more likely to favour your website if it is “secure-website” by implementing SSL. This will have a positive impact in your google search ranking. Even though it is a rare small-medium website that handles payment gateway internally (what SSL majorly used for), but SSL will give you search ranking advantage.

Niagahoster has 2 options for SSL; Let’s Encrypt (Free) or Comodo, click here to learn the difference.

Last Words

This article is not in any way paid-promotion by Niagahoster, yet this review based on our experience dealing with mediocre hosting services in Indonesia that we think Niagahoster is a superior hosting service that available today.

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