Why We Write this Article?

It’s the question we mostly encountered during an initial website project meeting. Most of the time, our clients are clueless because they have a minimal understanding of choosing the right domain extensions.

In this article, we would like to share our professional view and advice regarding domain extensions, and which one is the best one for your business.

Understanding What is TLD

TLD stands for Top Level Domain, this is the technical term for any letters that come after the last dot on your domain name. The most popular TLDs are (according to https://www.hayksaakian.com/most-popular-tlds/):

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

You may be familiar with the famous domain registrar services such as GoDaddy and Namecheap, you will see various options TLDs, and sometimes you may do not aware such domain extensions exist. For example .design, .technology, .coffee, .tech are available there.

These TLDs also can be associated with the country origin of your business. In Indonesia, there are a couple of TLDs you can use, such as:

  • .co.id
  • .or.id
  • .sch.id
  • .id

This article we will dig deeper on the TLD that would be beneficial for your business.

[Myth] .com Domain Will Bring Me More Traffic and Ranked Better in Google

You may hear the myth many people referring that .com domain is the best one if you want to optimize your website for search ranking. Well, the truth is, it is not. According to Google’s official news update, your selections of a domain does not affect Google’s algorithm to favor your website.

However, though technically it doesn’t affect the way Google indexed your website, it does play a part in how the public perceives your website.

So What is the Real Benefit of Having .com Domain Then?

People tend to remember it better. Many netizens today may not be aware of the many domain selections today, for example, you are running an online shoe store with your brand named Chemyst. Though chemyst.store is available and it is relevant to your business, your potential customers may not be familiar with .store domain, and rather they will naturally try to open chemyst.com. By doing this you may lead traffic to another website than yours.

To add on this point, we know for a fact people are less likely to type the domain name on the browser anymore. They have the tendency to use Google to find the website. Say for example a user is intending to find your brand with the keyword “Chemyst”, and they find results of chemyst.com, chemyst.org.au, chemyst.store and chemyst.coffee. The .com domain will have a better chance to be clicked on, therefore it is telling Google the Chemyst .com is the most relevant website for “Chemyst” keyword, therefore, .com and eventually will have a better ranking than your chemyst.store website.

By not having .com domain, you will need to overcome this challenge (which can be solved with a proper SEO and well public brand recognition).

Trivia about .com Domain

Almost 50% of websites on the internet is using .com TLD, therefore it creates a perception it is the likely domain extension people are familiar with. However .com domains are getting way too crowded today, this makes the availability of the domain is limited. In Indonesia, some people may want to explore .co.id and .id domains due to that limitation reason alone.

What about the Benefit of .co.id or .id then?

Every .co.id and .id domain out there went through a verification process. This verification process only restricted whoever secured the domain name is verified business in Indonesia. Some of the national documentation requirements are KTP, NPWP, SIUP etc. This process is to ensure the business is actually located in Indonesia.

It legitimizes your business. It will also prevent digital scam (when one website pretends to be another business) in Indonesia, which we think add values to these .co.id or .id domains.

Okay, so which One should I Use then?

To answer to that question is, we have to analyze your business situation in order to give you quality recommendations. But we will provide an example in this article so you know our thinking process.

For example, you are in a business of Computer Repair Service in Jakarta, Indonesia. The nature of your business is targeting people that have computer problems within your domestic area. Therefore your market is secluded to the Indonesian market. On the domain availability there  repair-your-computer.com and repair-computer.id.

Our recommendation for a business like this is to secure the .id domain instead. Why? Because when someone search for computer repair, in their mind they have the intention to go to your physical shop or send their computer to. Using .id, it communicates to your potential market that your business is in Indonesia, therefore that user may favour the .id domain instead of .com on the Google search.


Though according to Google it did not impact the search ranking, it certainly affected the public perception on your business that can impact the Google Search Ranking. Choosing the right domain extension may depend on the nature of your business.

To have a professional analyze and make a quality recommendation to your business, please contact us at our website www.edwardaryana.com or email us at design@edwardaryana.com.

In addition to that, we would like to hear your experience on these domain names, does it made an impact on your business? If so leave a comment below.