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Branding FAQ

The truth is every logo creating project is different, this is highly according to your circumstances and need of your business.

Some business tie-in a logo project to their business card, letterhead, email signature websites, and any other media I've heard it all.

Therefore when they just say a "logo project" turns into designing & printing business card, updating their logo on the website, changing the uniform, updating their PPT template and so on.

So I highly encourage we have further discussions on the project, I have prepared set of questions that will allow me to measure the scope of work of your project.
Yes, the deliverables for just a logo is you will only get logo files in PDF, EPS, Ai, JPG and PNG format.
This question that I've encountered a lot.

The answer is no, this because the pricing method I've used is highly dependent on the needs of the client.

To put in a perspective, company A is in food and beverages will have different design needs company to company B that operates in palm oil distribution.

Therefore, is best to communicate the situation of your business and the need of your business accurately to get an accurate estimate.

Website FAQ

The question is the same as you are asking how much is a house, without stating any price determining aspect to the question.

A house price will be affected by how big is the land, which neighborhood it is located, does it have a swimming pool, how many cars can it fit in the garage and so on.

To answer that question, I will need to know more what sort of website you need.

Is it just a simple company profile website, do you want to integrate with newsletter and social medias feature, do you need a merchant (shop) feature? Do you need a copywriting and image selections?

All of the above will have an effect on the project fee.
It will vary according to the size of the website you are asking.

To make an efficiently working website is a minimum 4 weeks, I have not delivered a website longer than 12 weeks from the agreement date.

Client's availability will also affected the timetable as usually I will highly involved the client on the design process to ensure the final product is not far from their vision and expectation.
Yes, the common handling is a monthly retainer.

However, I find that method is unfair to clients that seldom making changes to their website. Therefore, the method I will be using is charging the client on a time log "case-by-case" journal.

This means the client only being charged with changes they want to make.
Yes, I do.

Client will need to communicate this prior starting a project as it will affect the project fee.

The training usually in a form of videos of myself screencasting showing how to achieve a certain task. With this method, clients do not have to worry about changing or replacing their staff as the video is in a digital form can be replayed anytime.


Administration FAQ

I usually have different treatment for different project.

For Brand Identity Project, the usual payment terms is 50% downpayment before project commencing and 50% after the project is delivered.

For Website Project, the usual payment terms is 30% downpayment before project commencing, 30% 2nd payment after delivering design concept, 30% after the website live, and last 10% is 30 days after website live that work as a retainer. However, I am flexible to work on your custom payment terms, please discuss it with me prior starting the project.
Yes, every project will be accompanied by an invoice and a receipt after receiving the payment.
Yes you may, as it written on the initial contract of work, any charges up to the point of cancellation is chargeable to the client.
For Indonesian clients, I accept bank transfer of Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank BTPN (Jenius) and Bank CIMB Niaga.

For overseas clients, the available payment options are PayPal (accept Visa and Mastercard), Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin if you are familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Visit my payment page to get the account details.
Yes, every project will have a scope of work contract detailing the deliverables of the project.

Click here to see the document sample.
Yes, I have worked with a variety of clients from Singapore, Australia and Germany.
Any invoice issued by me will be under my own personal name.

However, if for administration purpose requires the payment to be handled with a Company NPWP (Indonesian Tax File Number) I have a family business that I'm able to use.

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