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Palmer Situmorang and Partners Whole Stationery


Palmer Situmorang & Partners has been established since 1985. Since then, Palmer Situmorang & Partners has grown in terms of size and capabilities. In 2015 they found the need to invest on the company’s presentation and identity.

Due to the rapid growth of the business, Mr. Palmer himself has been elected as Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY – 5th President of Indonesia ) personal lawyer. Mr. Palmer Situmorang identified the need to revisit the company’s identity and branding to be presented such way according to the business’ new aims and core values.

Palmer Situmorang & Partners always operate under the valid law and regulations, the company also sought after its integrity and credibility. As a solution, the design of its identity reflecting important values of Palmer Situmorang & Partners. Such as the selection of typography ( Campton Bold ) representing the sturdy and strong character of the company.

The small hint of yellow was obtained through knowing the important value of the company, in this case it is intelligence. This became the main reason why the yellow could be found on the ampersand ( & ) sign of the identity, reflecting how selective the firm in selecting its partners.

The firm also highly regard the “Code of Ethics”, this value is reflected on the straight lines that can be found in Palmer Situmorang & Partners’ identity.

This project also includes designing a responsive web design – a website that would adjust according to the device’s screen width. Can be viewed at