Self-employed since 2011, I started this business in Melbourne, Australia as a solely graphic designer taking on projects independently. I took advantage the location where I started my love in design, I was an active member of AGDA and attended many creative conferences such as; The Field Trip, Semi-Permanent and agIDEAS.

During my stay, I had the chance to launch off my career as in-house graphic designer in one of Melbourne’s local business, during that time I found my passion in identity design and learn dealing business professionally. I also realised my set of skills is perfect in making an identity, visually appealing in today’s popular medias. Then, Edward Aryana Design was born.

Edward Aryana Design is practising design aesthetics in branding, identity design, motion graphics, web, prints and electronic design.

“Providing design solution and applying it to the modern media available today.”


2006 – Diploma of Art & Design
Monash College , Melbourne, Australia

2009 – (Distinction) Bachelor of Multimedia and Digital Arts
Monash University , Melbourne, Australia

2010 – Bachelor of Honours of Multimedia and Digital Arts
Monash University , Melbourne, Australia

2011 – Edward Aryana Design Established in Melbourne, Australia

2011 – 2012 – Employed as in-house Graphic Designer in Ausmed Education Pty Ltd.

2013 – Relocate to Indonesia, Jakarta


I was always a fan and a worshipper of contemporary and modern design. Simplistic layout, big typography, bold graphics are always the things that fascinate me. But contemporary design does not come without its predecessors. Piet Mondrian, Mies van der Rohe, Saul Bass are few of my favourite iconic designers.

Mondrian is already using simplistic layout of primary colours and grids since 1900s. The person that comes up with the famous quote of “Less is More”, van der Rohe of Bauhaus. And lastly, Saul Bass, with the iconic, simple and yet recognisable graphics he used for the early title sequences a few decades ago.

Those are the design principles I have constantly used in my design, it has been something embedded in my own way of thinking in solving design problems.